The SoSweet project involves 4 labs.

Icar is specialized in corpus linguistics and computer mediated interaction. Icar will carry out the tasks of unifying linguistics evidences (empirical and theoric) with social clues (extracted from a massive network of sociological relations).

Lidilem is in charge of adapting the sociolinguistics framework to the case of variation and communication on Twitter.

ALMAnaCH, specialized in natural language processing, takes care of the linguistics enrichment part, which provides the other partners with normalized and structurally enriched form of text. Alpage is also responsible of providing distributional analysis of our corpus, by the means of various form of word clustering in order to define sociolinguistic variants in the tweets.

Dante, specialized in the exploration of massive graph structures, will lead the crucial network analysis and will work toward jointly integrating the sociological network and the linguistic distributional network of lexical relations.



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